Remove Mice from Home MN | Mice Problems Minneapolis

October 4, 2011

Mice Removal and Prevention Minneapolis MN

Many people who have a mouse problem/infestation may never actually see a mouse. Mice are nocturnal and most often come out at night when people are sleeping or businesses are closed. If you see a mouse in the daytime, odds are that the infestation is very serious. The most common signs of a mouse/mice problem are the presence of droppings around baseboards, kitchen cabinets, and storage areas. Some people can hear mice gnawing in walls, scampering, or squeaking. Cat and dogs may scratch at a wall hearing or smelling mice within.

If you suspect that you have a mouse/mice problem call a Mice Control Expert. Professionals know that the best “treatment” for a mouse problem is CONTROL not a “one shot elimination” method. The use of mice traps usually captures juvenile mice, not the adult mouse population, who are responsible for producing the litters of baby mice, (which could be as many as 100 offspring per year, per adult female mouse).

The proper way to treat a mouse infestation problem is using an Integrated Pest Control system of traps, Rodenticides, baits, and on-going maintenance and prevention. Using the right baits for the correct environment is critical to mice control. Baits have to be able to effectively compete with the EXISTING sources of food for mice. Mice also horde foods like grains in their nests within walls, and may not come out to forage until the bait has spoiled and gone bad and are not appealing as a food source. These food stores also attract meal moths and grain beetles, adding to the mouse problem.

It takes an expert understanding of mice and rodent infestation problems in order to deal with a mice infestation problem effectively.

At the first sign of rodent or mice infestation or wild animal threat, call a professional pest or animal control expert right away!


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